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manipal college of medical sciences Nepal

manipal college of medical sciences Nepal

MBBS Admission in Manipal college of medical sciences Nepal.Get direct admission in Nepal withoutneet.This is the last chance to get admission in Manipal college of medical sciences.Formbbs admission in Manipal college of medical sciences Nepal call +91-7406337778

While delivering the healthcare services to the patients, Manipal Teaching Hospital (MTH) provides the clinical education and training necessary for the doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. This hospital campus is spread across 10 hectares of land, with following independent units.For mbbs admission in Manipal college of medical sciences Nepal call+91-7406337778 

  • Hospital Building: G+5 building with Basement, ground floor foot-print 6,046 sq. m, total floor area 46,603 sq. m
  • Landscaping: 400 sq. m
  • Parking 4,000 sq. m
  • Generator House Complex: Has Caterpillar Diesel Generators (2 units, total capacity 500 KV for round-the-clock power back-up), Pump House with overhead tanks (with separate reservoir for fire-hose supply line) and Incinerator
  • ETP complex: The effluent treatment plant handles and processes all liquid waste with no contamination/pollution to the adjacent river.
  • For mbbs admission in Manipal college of medical sciences Nepal call +91-7406337778

There are also other useful amenities available in the hospital including ATM, Bank Counter, Coffee Shop, Canteen, Spectacle Shop and a Helipad for air-lifting patients.

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At present, MTH has a capacity of 750 beds along with all specialty OPD’s, 7 Operation Theatres, 24×7 ER/Casualty (with CT, MRI, USG and X-Ray availability), well-equipped dedicated Intensive Care Units, 2 Labour Rooms, Haemodialysis Unit, Clinical Labs and Imaging Services, state-of-the-art medical equipment, Blood Bank, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, round-the-clock Pharmacy, Oxygen Generator Plant with Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) for independent medical gas supply to the hospital, 24-hour power with DG back-up, Bed lift for patient-shifting on trolley, Ramp for physically challenged, 3 ambulances (on demand).

Clinical Education: Though MTH offers comprehensive healthcare services to the general public, it was established primarily for imparting specialized clinical/bedside training including Health Sciences Education for Clinical Sciences students of MCOMS. The teaching hospital has a commitment to research and is indeed a centre for experimental, innovative and technically sophisticated services; undertakes scientific research & development activities and specialized training for doctors which are possible with such bevy of multi-dimensional services with state of the art facilities in place.

Scope for Foreign Medical Students: In addition to newly graduated physicians gaining the clinical experience and knowledge they need to become effective and highly qualified doctors through bedside clinical training in the hospital, MTH also runs residency & Elective programs, which range in length and subjects/specialty.

Social Responsibility: MTH also delivers primary and secondary health care services through its Satellite Community Health Centres and various Outreach Clinics in arrangement with some international and national NGO’s. The teaching hospital also serves as the safety net providing treatment to financially unsound patients at fully or substantially discounted cost.

  • For mbbs admission in Manipal college of medical sciences Nepal call +91-7406337778




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